My name is Hannah: actress, vegan, badass.

Shock and Raw

About Me

Hello All! My name is Hannah and I’m a SAG/AFTRA actress living in the big city. No—not NY. No—not LA, actually. Haha, oh Chicago? Um—no. DC. 

No, really. I live in DC and there IS theatre and television here that doesn’t have to do with politics. Well, not all of it.

I’m in an all female Stand Up group called WAIFS (Women Aren’t Intelligent Funny or Smart), just finished a TV show with National Geographic and most recently appeared on stage with Scena Theater at the H Street Playhouse.

It’s a world of fun and I love doing what I do.

Oh, I also love to cook (vegan) and make raw things as well. So you might be looking at a lot of pictures of food. Woo Hoo! 

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